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Welcome to Five Elements Naturopathic Centre,

a health care facility established by Dr. Derek Murphy, B.Sc., ND in 1998, based on the traditional therapeutic intention that less is more.


Naturopathic Doctor

… is a specialist in traditional health care who addresses the root cause of illness and promotes the restoration of health.

Five Elements is a place where both patient and doctor can work together – respectfully and gently – to promote health and mental well-being. Physical injuries, organ and/or mental issues can, in fact, be helped with older, more traditional methods. As one of my teachers said, “After all, human beings have been around a long time, and they have documented many ways towards repair and restoration, not just the amazing advancements made in modern medicine”. We can use standalone or various methods in combination to guide someone toward feeling better, by focusing on adjusting and/or strengthening the tissues that are struggling. Having accomplished this, there will be no need for continued treatment, as we will have done our job together. And wouldn’t that be wonderful, not to have to come back?

Whether by season, age or by circumstances, there is always something important to learn about each illness or stage in one’s life. There is even greater pride in understanding and being exposed to the choices we have available to us for change to occur. That is what I wish to inspire: that there is always an answer. How you feel is based on what you do, what you’ve done and what you haven’t learned, or attempted yet. So let’s get to work…

Dr. Derek Murphy, B.Sc., ND
Naturopathic Doctor
Certified Bowen Practitioner
Licensed Bowtech® Instructor